Whether you’re looking for an area rug for an entire living room or a small rug for your bathroom, Blinds Etc. can help you select a style and design that fits your space just right. Visit our retail location in Palm Desert to see the latest in area rugs, contemporary to traditional.

Before you call or visit, be prepared.

Rugs and Carpet

* A pad for your rug is recommended for anti-slippage, softness and longer rug wear.

Ask yourself

  • What style am I looking for – vintage, eclectic, bold, subtle?

  • Will there be heavy traffic?

  • What size is needed?

  • Will there be furniture on the rug?

  • If you’re looking for a pattern, what direction would be best? Horizontal, vertical?


There’s never been a better time for comfy carpet. Let us walk you through our lookbook with styles from the luxurious and elegant to simple and practical. You won’t have to compromise softness for stain resistance. Advances in carpet technology protect the fibers from dirt and spills while maintaining the plush feel that you look for in a carpet.

  • Stain Resistance Systems

  • Waterproof Technology

  • Sound Absorption and Insulation

* Ask us about care and maintenance tips to extend the life of your carpet

Rugs and Carpet

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